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Our Extruded Acrylic Sheet is made with special performance characteristics and physical properties. It measures half as much as the optical glass, yet is equivalent to it in clearness and is approximately 17 times more effect safe. This sheet is manufactured in more than 250 hues, in different thicknesses and can transmit bright light or sift it through, as demanded. Air ship makers utilize our acrylic sheet in planes and helicopters. Because of its light and power transmission features draftsmen discover our sheet perfect for dome structures, fascia panels, sun screens and skylight. It reacts to temperature variations by contracting or extending at a far more noteworthy rate than glass. Our Extruded Acrylic Sheet is substantially more adaptable than glass or numerous other building materials. When utilizing substantial sheets for windows, it is vital that channels or rabbets be sufficiently profound to offer bolster against high winds.

Key Points:

Chemical Resistance Has amazing imperviousness to attack by numerous chemicals. It is influenced, in shifting degrees, by esters, ketones, ethers, lacquer thinners, methyl and ethyl alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, toluene and benzene.
Electrical Properties It is an astounding encasing. The surface resistivity is higher than generally plastics.
Light Transmission It has an illumination transmittance of 92%. This is additionally accessible in bigger assortment of translucent and transparent colors.
UV Light Resistance It opposes bright light deterioration and does not loss light transmission and yellow.
Optical Clarity Possess amazing light transmission. Transparent than glass! Will not yellow following prolonged sun introduction.
Weather Resistance Despite humidity, sunlight, cold and heat, it keeps up its original color and appearance.
Safety Shatter-safe, seismic tremor safe, and thief safe. Increment security with windows coated of acrylic.
Light Weight Even with the durability and quality, our sheet is just a half portion of the heaviness of glass.