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NYLON : is the most versatile thermoplastic material. Nylon’s Toughness, Wear Resistance, Tensile Strengthand Lubricity meets the exacting demands of modern engineers. Nylon is the ideal replacement for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials. Nylons help in Noise Reduction, Reduced Lubrication and lower downtime.

Nylons can be Machined on all General Purpose Machinery.
Product Applications : Bush Bearings, Liners, Rollers, Wear Plates, Guides, Gears & Sprockets, Cams, Slipper & Wobbler Pads, Valve Seats, Sheaves & Pulleys, Hanger Bearings to name a few.

PA 6 [NATURAL] – IVORY : IS THE UNMODIFIED GRADE OF POLYAMIDE WHICH OFFERS High Strength & Hardness, Self – Lubricity, Excellent Wear, Abrasion & Load – Bearing properties with Low Friction, thus making it a superior Engineering Material. The material is recommended for working temperatures upto 120°c.

PA 6M [MoS2 Filled] – GREY – BLACK : is a filled grade of polyamide having finely divided Molybdenum disulphide[MoS2] Particles dispersed evenly throughout the material which acts as a Solid lubricant enhancing the material’s Load – Bearing, Wear Capabilities, Tensile Properties, Dimensional Stability, Increased Heart Resistance Properties and Lower Surface Friction than the natural grade. This Grade is also UV Stabilized and recommended for working Temperatures upto 130°c.

PA XLU [Extra – Lubricant - Oilon] – Blue2 : This grade The internally lubricated Polyamide with improved frictional And Load – Bearing characteristics. Inbuilt Oil will not spin out, Dry out or Drain Out even under harsh working conditions. PA XLU materials result in 25% lower coefficient of friction. Than conventional grades of Polyamide & is recommended for Applications where extreme lubrication of mechanical parts is Required. Recommended Working Temperature 110°c 

PA 6G [Heat Stabilized] – Black: is a Heat Stabilized And UV Protectedgrade of Polyamide. This material is Recommended for components exposed to atmospheric Conditions with increased heat resistance properties of Approximately 10% over normal polyamides.

PA 612 [IMPACT MODIFIED] – Yellow : This is the Impact-Modified Grade of Polyamide And is recommended for high Impact Load Applications like Slipper and Wobbler Pads in Steel Rolling Mills. This material is recommended For Working Temperatures upto 110°c.

Extruded Nylon [‘E’ Gd.] – White / Black : is a filled grade of ‘E’ Grade is aGeneral Purpose Grade and offers good Mechanical Strength, Stiffness, Toughness, Mechanical Dampening properties & Wear Resistance with favourable Electrical Insulating ability & Good Chemical Resistance. Recommended Working Temperature is 85°c

We also Manufacture Nylon Glass Filled Grades upto 30% GF in Natural, Black and Blue Color