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Our Polyvinyl Chloride Gaskets are famous for their proficient execution as well as are the most flexible of the considerable number of plastics. These are holding different properties of innate compound resistance, high unbending nature, fire resistant, great elasticity and its density and hardness range. These various exceptional components of our PVC Gaskets enable it to be utilized as a part of broadened businesses. They have strength, flexibility and a few grades incorporate friction resistance. The gaskets are attacked by aromatic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters and some solvent inorganic acids. It is flexible and soft possesses a temperature extent from - 30 to +60C.

Key Points:

The proper enclosed cell frame, flammability rating and chemical resistance enables enclosed cell nitrile or PVC the impeccable gasket material for numerous products. With impact absorbing and brilliant shock attributes, Nitrile or PVC is a fantastic material for defensive cushioning in athletic instruments or in some different application, that demands a power assimilating material.