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Extruded PTFE SHEET show shocking substance resistance. It is an auto-greasing up material that gives a low erosion coefficient as well as is in a perfect world suited for the making of rust safe seals and gaskets. PTFE remains for PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, this is a fluorocarbon-grounded polymer. Further, the mechanical characteristics and immaculateness of Mechanical class PTFE may likewise be less than pure class PTFE. Our mechanical class Extruded PTFE SHEET is provided without guarantee or any warrantee in regards to insignificant qualities. Clients demanding material confirmations and traceability ought to consider pure PTFE. Formed PTFE bar is for utilization as machining stock for a wide range of mechanical, electrical and chemical parts where the exceptional execution qualities of PTFE are demanded. Different fillers are accessible to adjust the characteristics of PTFE to suit uses prerequisites.

Features And Benefits

  • Least coefficient of abrasion of any acknowledged material
  • Works up to 500f and possesses predominant substance resistance
  • Great protecting properties
  • Limitations: Least compressive and rigidity (pure PTFE is better)
  • Mechanical PTFE is created in a most extreme density of 0.250" - for denser sheets, utilize pure PTFE
  • It is not meant for elevated-purity uses - produced using reused PTFE resin