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Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) rods are profoundly non-receptive and unadulterated thermoplastic, and in part fluorinated. PVDF is a forte plastic thing in the fluoropolymer group. These are utilized largely in usages demanding the most astounding immaculateness, quality, and imperviousness to low smoke, heat, bases, acids and solvents formation amid a fire occasion. Contrasted with different fluoropolymers, our PVDF rod has a less demanding melt procedure due to its generally low liquidifying purpose of about 338 °F. This is ordinarily utilized in defense, medical, semiconductor and chemical businesses, and in addition in lithium particle batteries. Usages in chemical handling depend on PVDF to endure pressure and heat, abrasive particles, mechanical stress and aggressive chemicals.

Key Features

  • Chemically idle to most alcohols, chlorinated solvents, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds and acids
  • High immaculateness
  • Friction resistance
  • Low coefficient of erosion
  • Unaffected by bright radiation
  • Superb natural imperviousness to fire
  • Physiological innocuous and affirmed for contact with nourishment items
  • Great capacity for machining and effortlessly joined by soldering
  • Typical Applications
  • Chemical Processing
  • Storage and transport systems
  • Gas and oil
  • Aviation
  • Power devices
  • Microelectronics and semiconductor
  • Sensors
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology